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    I'm Emma, mum of 3 and passionate about Sing and Sign

    Hello and welcome!!

    My 2 YEARS of teaching this amazing SING and SIGN curriculums has been fantastic!

    EVERYONE is having loads of fun and learning lots; lots of the babies are useing  the signs at home which is fantastic.

    If you would like some information about booking on to a class next term, please email me at or go through the link for enquiry or book straight on; there are limited palaces so don't miss out. Only 9 in a class.

    I was very excited to join the Sing and Sign team and the excitement is still there.  I attended classes with all 3 of my children, and I have not stopped using the signs and songs to communicate with them over the last 8 years.  Sing and Sign has undoubtedly saved many tantrums in our house.  

    My husband had very strong feeling about it when I first took Olivia to classes, but after she signed for milk when we were out one day, he was amazed and now raves about it as soon as anyone has a baby. I have even seen him signing to our 8 year old from across a room and in the supermarket to save yelling.

    We have 3 very contented, relaxed and emotionally balance children aged 8, 6 and 3.  I honestly believe Sing and Sign has a lot to do with it.  The ability to explore and express feelings in a fun environment with friends enables them to understand and deal with them more easily.

    During the stage when your babies start to know what they want, but are unable to verbally express it , it's amazing to be equipt with non verbal communication that saves the frustration and anxiety on both side. I feel confidence in my own ability to give them what they need and want quicker, saving many tears and tantrums.  My youngest now signs over 100 signs and has lots of fun talking to people.

    Sing and Sign equipts you both with gestures that you have developed together in a fun and friendly environment.  I love the classes, they are so much fun and if you are consistent with even a few signs it changes your life, well it has for me and 1000s of family around the UK.

    I look forward to introducing many families to Sing and Sign and hearing their stories. 

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    You can see me on Facebook Sing and Sign Telford

    And coming soon sing and sign Bridgenorth

    Or email me 

  • Venues


    A wonderful venue with soft play included in term price

    EPIC soft play, Horsehay

    The classes are now live so get booking! limited number only 9 per classes, 

    Day Time Stage Location
    Tuesday PM Stage 2 EPIC, Telford
    Tuesday AM Stage 1 Birchmeadow centre, Broseley
    Tuesday AM Babes Birchmeadow centre, Broseley
    Tuesday PM Stage 1 EPIC, Telford
    Tuesday PM Babes EPIC, Telford
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    If you think your nursery would like to become trained and affiliated please get in touch.

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