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    Welcome to Sing and Sign in Cirencester, Cheltenham and across The Cotswolds

    Taster classes for new venues in Tetbury (Tuesday) and Nailsworth (Thursday) open for bookIng now for classes before Christmas; and brand new terms in January.

    The Spring term of classes starts in January. Booking is currently open. Current families have a prioity rebooking period until 1st December. New families should join the ‘Prebooking Waiting List’ to be guaranteed prioity bookIng from 1st December.

    CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY - number of spaces in each class are strictly limited and first come first served.
    For more information, please click on the 'More Info' page. 

    To keep updated with details of Sing and Sign classes, please 'Like' my Facebook Page as there may be updates made on there prior to updating this webpage.

    Hello! My name is Nic and I'm excited to be able to bring the fantastic Sing and Sign classes to Cirencester, Cheltenham and the surrounding towns of Gloucestershire!
    My baby signing journey began with Oliver, my first son, six years ago. He was a 'high need' baby for whom baby signing was brilliant. I attended another signing class before turning to Sing and Sign where I found the style of the lessons and content more relevant and beneficial to learning the signs I needed for day-to-day living and fun with my son. We found signing worked wonders for him and ensured we were able to communicate effectively and he was able to tell us exactly what he wanted, as well as what he was enjoying (such as joining in reading books because he was signing alongside looking at pictures). We discovered how he had so much to say and baby signing gave us the skills to communicate together and have a window on his view of the world. He was a happier, less frustrated baby as a result.
    At first I was attending the classes for my benefit to teach me the signs but he loved the classes too, especially when Jessie Cat joined in, and soon became an avid fan of the DVD which helped to reinforce the songs and signs at home.
    At the height of Oliver's signing, at around 18months, he was signing 250+ signs...long before that many words ever became obvious in speech. There really wasn't much he couldn't sign to me. Oliver is a great example too if you're worried that signing to your baby might hinder their speech development. I think it did quite the opposite with Oliver - his speech development came quite early and the signing helped in the early stages to express exactly what he wanted and meant we had something to fall back on if any early words came out difficult to decipher. Oliver hasn't stopped chatting since!
    I continued to sign with my second son, Daniel, who is now four and a real chatterbox. It was lovely to re-live the benefits and enjoyment of Sing and Sign again...with Oliver loving teaching his young brother the signs and listening to the accompanying CD in the car on the way to school!
    The Sing and Sign programme includes a lot of songs specifically written for Sing and Sign which cover the day-to-day events for your baby including songs for bedtime, bathtime, changing nappies, asking for help etc. We cover anything you could think of that you might need to talk with your baby about, as well as all the fun stuff!
    I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing the enjoyment of baby signing with you and your baby.

    Click on the 'More Info' tab above to find out more about the classes, or the 'Book Now' tab to the right to take you through to the online booking system. Reserving your place or booking online is quick and easy.

    EXCITING NEWS! I was nominated for the What's On 4 Little Ones award for 'Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the Under 5s - SOUTH' for the last three consecutive years: 2014, 2015 and 2016. 


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    CLICK HERE to book your place today for any of the classes: 

    The new term of classes starts in January with classes for 0-6month old Babes, 6-14month old Babies and 14month-2year old Toddlers across our area including Cirencester, Tetbury, Cheltenham and South Cerney. 

    CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY - number of spaces in each class are strictly limited and first come first served.

    EXCITING NEWS! I was nominated for the third year in a row for the What's On 4 Little Ones award for 'Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the Under 5s - SOUTH'. Sing and Sign as a national programme won accolades as a Finalist for the Best National Baby & Toddler Development Activity (newborn-2years) in 2015.



    Class details (for the Spring 2017 term) are as follows:

    NB Please contact for more information regarding classes elsewhere in The Cotswolds, including Stroud.

    Sing and Sign Babes 0-6months

    Babes classes usually run in the second half of each term (Feb-March; June-July and November-December). Please enquire for details of the new term of Babes classes in your area. Alternatively you can book a set of 5 classes for your NCT/antenatal group of friends, at a venue that we can arrange or one of your group’s houses  


    Stage 1 for Babies aged 6-14months

    CIRENCESTER: Wednesdays 10:45am (The Bees Knees, Watermoor Road) - Booking open for this class.

    TETBURY: Tuesdays 11am (venue details tbc) - Booking open for this class

    CHELTENHAM: Fridays 1pm ('Stanton Room', next to Charlton Kings Library) - Booking open for this class

    NAILSWORTH: Thursdays 2pm - Brand new class for 2018! Pre-Christmas taster mini-Term open for bookIng now  


    Stage 2 for Toddlers 14months-2years

    CIRENCESTER: Wednesdays 9:40am (The Bees Knees, Watermoor Road) - Booking open for this class

    CHELTENHAM: Fridays 2pm ('Stanton Room' next to Charlton Kings Library) - Booking open for this class

    No need to have already attended Stage 1 classes if you are interested in Stage 2. We can discuss the best ways for you to 'catch up' before the start of term.


    OTHER LOCATIONS - If you are interested in Sing and Sign classes in other locations, please contact me.



    The online booking system is quick and easy, just click on the 'Book now' tab to the right of this page. Please book now to avoid disappointment. Some classes are full or only have a couple of spaces so please ensure you book online or email me before turning up to a class.


    SING AND SIGN BABES classes are for babies aged between newborn-6months. These classes are a gentle introduction to the joys of music, singing and baby signing. The classes cover relevant signs for the age group within weekly themes whilst also offering your baby a sensory experience amongst babies at a similar age and mobility stage. These classes will run for approx 40-45mins which will include approx 30mins of singing and signing.

    STAGE 1 BABIES classes are for babies aged around 6-14+mths. The classes are great fun and ideal if you have little or no signing experience. The baby classes cover basic routines such as meal time, bath time, nappy change and bed time. It also offers signs to do with babies’ interests such as animals, vehicles, toys etc.

    STAGE 2 TODDLERS classes are aimed at toddlers aged 14months-2 years and cover songs and signs relevant to them including potty training, colours and even the phonetic alphabet. 

    Each Stage 1 and Stage 2 class lasts for approx an hour, including approx 45minutes of singing and signing so lots of value for money and fun for you and your baby.



    Lessons are £6.50 each (£65 for the 10-week Terms; Babes (0-6months) terms can be joined in 5 week blocks at £30 for the 5-week term. Full or half payment for the term needs to be received before term starts. At least 50% of the term fees should be paid in order to guarantee your place before the first class. But if you're interested in coming along, please don't hesitate to register your details via the 'Book Now' tab so that your place can be reserved as class sizes are strictly limited. 

    When you book online there are options to select your preferred form of payment. If selecting Paypal, there are different links depending on if you are paying in full or half initially and half a month later. Payment can also be made by BACS, cheque or cash. Full details follow on confirmation email when you have booked your place on the online booking system.

    Twins count as one place - book one place, get one free.

    Click on the 'Book Now' tab on the right to select your venue and book your place. Limited spaces available in each class - this is one of the things that makes Sing and Sign special and different from other classes.


    Full details available of the classes available (days, times and venues) by clicking 'Book Now' and selecting 'Sing and Sign Babes' for the newborn-6month babies class, 'Stage 1' for babies aged under 14 months, or 'Stage 2' for toddlers over 14 months.

    I look forward to seeing you and meeting your baby soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.


    If you can't make it to one of the classes available, but are interested in other locations or other days, please send me an email with your details (including location and available days) so that I can contact you when more classes become available, or point you towards other Sing and Sign classes which might be near you.

    If you would to arrange a taster session at your NCT or other Mums and Babies group, feel free to get in touch as these can be arranged.



    I offer Sing and Sign / Jessie Cat birthday parties available for babies and toddlers to celebrate their 1st or 2nd birthday with Jessie Cat. For more information please contact me!


    Can't make it to a class?

    I'd highly recommend the Sing and Sign DVD and other products such as the Vocabulary Book. I keep stock of the products so please contact me if you'd like to know more or to buy anything.

  • Venues

    Directions to each venue can be found below:

    South Cerney Village Hall, Cirencester GL7 5TZ

    The Village Hall is on the right hand side along 'School Lane' which is opposite the turning to All Hallows Church/near to the Bow Wow bridge which crosses the river by the Elliot Arms pub.

    There are a couple of parking spaces outside the Village Hall but not many so please park along School Lane (without blocking residential garages or access - this road does get busy with delivery vans so best to ensure plenty of space to get passed), or park along the main road and take the short walk up School Lane. 

    The Bees Knees, Watermoor Road, Cirencester GL7 1LF

    If coming from the Ring Road direction, past the Fire Station and Kwik Fit, take the turning to the right on the bend of Watermoor Road and take the first turning on the left: 'City Bank Road'. There is a Co-op Funeralcare office on the left hand side and the turning to the Bees Knees car park is on the right hand side at the end of this road.

    Please enter the Bees Knees via their back door through the car park whether you are driving or walking as the front door is locked during our classes.

    The Stanton Suite, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham GL53 8AR

    There is a free car park in Charlton Kings where you can park to go into the village centre, where the Library is easy to find opposite the Co-op and The Snug. The entrance to the Stanton Suite is through the door to the Library and immediately on the left hand side before walking into the Library itself.

    When driving, the free car park nearest to the venue is sign posted for the Library, although not always clear to see the signs. There are a set of recycling banks in the car park off Horsefair Street. There aren't a huge number of spaces in the free car park so some families do park elsewhere where there are plenty of free on-road spaces on the side roads nearby.

    Day Time Stage Location
    Thursday AM Stage 2 The Nursery Room, Westonbirt Leisure Centre, Westonbirt School, near Tetbury, GL8 8QG
    Wednesday AM Stage 2 The Bees Knees
    Wednesday AM Stage 1 The Bees Knees
    Friday AM Stage 1 'Stanton Room', next to Charlton Kings Library, Cheltenham
    Friday AM Babes 'Stanton Room', next to Charlton Kings Library, Cheltenham
    Thursday AM Stage 1 The Nursery Room, Westonbirt Leisure Centre, Westonbirt School, near Tetbury, GL8 8QG
    Thursday AM Babes The Nursery Room, Westonbirt Leisure Centre, Westonbirt School, near Tetbury, GL8 8QG
    Friday AM Stage 2 'Stanton Room', next to Charlton Kings Library, Cheltenham
    Tuesday PM Stage 1 South Cerney Village Hall
  • Nurseries

    Nurseries interested in linking up with me and benefiting from our Affilicate Scheme are welcome to contact me via email for more information.

    Likewise, I'm also happy to hear from any childcare provider or setting to discuss classes with your parents and their babies, or taster sessions to introduce them to the benefits of Sing and Sign.

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